A hand-book for healers. This book is a hand-book for anyone who does healing of any modality.  It investigates the principle and practice of the core principles such as the clearing and dedication of the space, personal preparation, the three parts of the consultation session and the interplay of consciousness between the healer and recipient.

Angels. Angels had been a very popular subject during the last ten or more years with many books, tarot cards and seminars on the subject. This book looks at the history of Angels and offers an understanding of what they actually are, beyond the pictures popular in Renaissance Europe and today with mainly masculine human figures with wings.

Ascension. Again a very popular subject, but what does it mean and how does it affect us on the everyday mental, emotional and physical levels. Our nervous and endocrine systems are the mechanism by which our spiritual evolution and the physical body connect. An understanding of this greatly eases our journey through these changes.

Death and dying. The hospice movement, accounts of near death experiences and the availability of more books on the subject has changed our relationship to death and ways of caring for a person who is coming to the end of their sojourn on Earth. But there is still much to learn before we can ease our fear and pain around death. In the book there is an extract from an article which Kevin wrote about death and dying which was published on a website and used in workshops. Many people have reported that they have found it of great help and support. There is also a seven step process which anyone who wants to support their nearest and dearest going through the dying experience in a joyful and uplifting way and with a deep sense of completion.

Angelic help. There are 72 Angels each of which cover a five day period of influence and show us the angelic energy for that period. This information can be used to understand the angelic energy that each of us was formed through, rather like astrology, and the energy that is influencing each day. The list of Angels that appears at the back of the book is a practical and powerful way to harness the gifts of the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

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