Questions Posed

Questions posed and answered in the book.

1. What if, when we are ill:

a. We have NOT done something wrong
b. We are NOT to blame
c. We have NOT let our family down
d. It is OK to have people looking after us;
etc. Much of the emotional and even physical pain that is experienced when we are ill is coming from a misunderstanding of disease.

2. How could Kevin say that the years he had cancer were the happiest of his life?

3. Can disease bring gifts?

4. What happens when we die?

5. What is meant by the dedication of a space and how is it done?

6. What is an Angel?

7. Where do the Angel names come from?

8. What if angels did not have wings, what would they look like?

9. What if angels were more powerful than we had ever imagined?

10. What happens in an attunement?

11. What could I learn about my life’s purpose if I knew the angelic energy of my birth?

12. How can I use angelic energy in my everyday life?

13. How many angels are there that I can call on?

 Picture The Archangel Michael
statue on Coventry Cathedral, England, U. K.

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