The Birth of Angelic Reiki

In 2001 I bought a round the world air ticket and travelled for the next fifteen months. Kevin continued with his healing but in 2002 was prompted by Djwhal Khul to start gathering certain pieces of information together. Kevin’s decision to leave work had triggered within him a total commitment and trust in spirit. This abdication of personal needs and agendas facilitated his life to be now totally guided by the Angels and Masters. As the principles and structure of the new healing modality directed and facilitated totally by the Angelic Kingdom of Light unfolded, he did not know from day to day where he would go and what he would do. He tells a story of how one day after taking the children to school he was guided to go into the central library in Bradford. On arrival he was directed to go up to the third floor and turn right. About two thirds of the way down the rows of shelves on his left he was directed to turn left and then pick up a book on the bottom shelf on the right hand side. This book was ‘A Dictionary of Angels’ by Gustav Davidson. It was to provide the material for an attunement which allows the Reiki Symbols to be attuned to the Angelic vibration and thus to their original archetypal Angelic form. This is just one story of how for nearly a year Kevin’s life was guided in order to bring together the material that was to be written down and named Angelic Reiki.

We Cannot See

It is difficult for us here on Earth to truly understand what a monumental and significant time this is. We see all around us people losing their jobs, the banking system and governments are wobbling and worldwide more wars and conflicts than have ever been known. But the truth is that all of this is the death throes of an age of darkness which is now coming to an end.

Give yourselves permission for a moment to daydream and imagine what would be the most beautiful and perfect way to live on this planet; seeing and appreciating only the beauty that there is on this Earth; knowing only support, Love and compassion from other human beings; living in supportive communities where everyone works together and life is happy and harmonious. It feels at the moment that this can only be in our imagination but actually this picture is a clue to the future.

The amazing changes happening on Earth are viewed by the Masters and the Angels with great awe and wonder. If we stop for a minute and realize that many, many beings in Spirit are looking our way amazed at the changes happening on Earth. They are also amazed at what humanity is now leaving behind and in great glee and excitement at the promise of truly a New Age.

The most powerful recent trigger for these changes was in 1987. It was called the Harmonic Convergence. Since then, literally, the vibration of this planet has changed. Every molecule and atom on this planet has changed its vibration. Our physical bodies have changed. The mitochondria within our cells and the chemistry of our cells are now more sensitive to light than they were prior to 1987. These changes are not just some idea or hope, they are facts, and they are true. We are evolving and mutating into beings that hold more light and with this we are moving into a time where Love and harmony will be the predominant experience of humanity on Earth.

Change happens gradually and it is a process. When we are in this process we cannot always see the bigger picture. The Angels and the Masters promise us this is true and that we are deeply in the process of moving into a new age, a golden age for humanity. This has always been the Divine Plan, this is the promise of the rainbow and it has no choice but to unfold. The Divine Plan is unfolding on Earth.

These changes mean we can feel and contact spiritual energy and Angels in a way not possible for thousands and thousands of years.

The most magnificent and amazing event that these changes have created is our ability to contact and reunite with the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

A History of Angels

Today many people are connecting to Angels and they are becoming an important part of many people’s lives.  Pictures of Angels are seen everywhere in spiritual magazines, books and Angel card Tarot packs.  Many current writers on Spiritual matters have popularised Angels in an amazing way.  I’m sure that many people reading this have experienced Angels themselves or know of someone who works with that energy.  I am also sure there are some of you reading this who feel you are missing out because you do not see Angels or you feel you have not experienced this special contact.  I want to sweep away some of the myths and reveal to you that we are all intimately connected with Angels.

Throughout the whole of human history we have used images and symbols as a representation of something we cannot understand in any other way.  For example, we would find it difficult to be constantly expressing our devotion and love for our partner, so we wear a ring to symbolise our ongoing connection to that person.  All big businesses use images or symbols to specifically try and convey a more powerful message than simply words could express.  You may find it interesting to start to notice what the various symbols convey to you over and above the words that are used in advertising. For example your bank!!. Images and symbols are very powerful portrayers of messages.  They have always been used to represent spiritual concepts we humans cannot totally understand.  One of the most enduring symbols of spirit in many, many cultures has been the feather.  American Indians use both feathers in their ceremonial dress and the image of an eagle to represent spiritual wisdom.

The story goes back to ancient Egypt, some 10,000 years ago. One of the oldest symbols which uses the imagery of wings attached to a human form to represent a spiritual concept is the Goddess Maat.  All the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, known as The Neteru, represent a key archetype or principle.  The Goddess Maat is depicted as a slim woman with outstretched wings which are at least as long as she is tall.  She wears a single feather on her head. Maat is not the only Egyptian Neteru to be depicted with feathers or wings, but she is the one most linked to the story of the history of Angels.

All the wisdom and knowledge that underpins Western society came out of Egypt.  Many influential figures and great teachers went to Egypt to learn; Moses, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus, and many more.  The centres of learning were the temples, but in the year 3000 BC the key centre was the library at Alexandria.  With the desecration of the temples and the destruction of the library in Alexandria immense knowledge was lost.  In 48 BC the library was partially destroyed by fire by Julius Caesar and in the third century AD the Roman Emperor Auielian caused significant further destruction during the wars at that time.

The ancient wisdom of the true spiritual significance of the imagery and symbology of feathers and wings was lost.

The story continues at the Treaty of Nicaea in 325 AD when the Roman Emperor Constantine, in order to keep his power, made a political decision to merge the Pagan and Christian beliefs of his empire into one religion;  The Roman Religion.  The Emperor Constantine had a Pagan mother, but Christianity was so powerfully sweeping his empire that he needed to embrace this new philosophy.  At the Treaty of Nicaea all documents and writings that did not support the new religious philosophy were destroyed.

At the Council of Rome of 745,  Pope St. Zachary, intending to clarify the Church’s teaching on the subject of Angels and curb a tendency toward Angel worship, condemned obsession with Angelic intervention and Angelolatry, but reaffirmed the approval of the practice of the reverence of Angels. This synod struck many Angels’ names from the list of those eligible for veneration in the Church of Rome, including Uriel. Only the reverence of the Archangels mentioned in the recognized Catholic canon of scriptures, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, remained licit.

Before 300 AD there is virtually no recorded reference in the Christian church to Angels, but by the 13th and 14th century great artists like Michelangelo and Raphael were using Angelic symbology in religious paintings.  These pictures were of men with wings and as we know there had been a shift from the dominance of female energy to dominance of male energy in the last two thousand years.

In the New Age we have simply elaborated on the Christian image of an Angel.  As this story illustrates, this image has come from a lack of knowledge of what an Angel really is.  The information as to the true nature of Angels is part of the wisdom of Atlantis and was passed to the great civilisation of ancient Egypt.

In order to understand the truth behind the images and symbols that we use to represent Angels, we need to go back to find out what the ancient Egyptians were representing through their Goddess Maat.

The Goddess Maat symbolised Cosmic Law.  So what is Cosmic Law? It is the Laws or Archetypes of Creation.  They are the rules or designs that God or The Divine Creator used to create everything. Everything has to come from basic principles and the basic principle of this creation is three.  This is represented in all philosophies, The Holy Trinity, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Isis, Osiris and Horus, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.  In a way Cosmic Law is very simple.  It is number and the relationships of numbers which we represent as geometry.  Unfortunately our education in mathematics has been very poor.  We have not been taught the magic and poetry of number, so many of us shun away from mathematics and feel it is too complicated.  It is not – it is very simple.  The three main numbers that create the law for our universe are 3, 7 and 12.  Seven days of creation, 12 signs in the zodiac etc.

So if the true meaning of the image of wings is the creative principle of the universe, then Angels are a representation of the law of the creative energy of number and shape.  The highest Archangel has always been recognized as the Archangel Metatron.  This energy is mentioned in the Bible, for example in Genesis 5:24.  The simplest geometry known is the sphere and the whole of this creation is based on the sphere.  The Earth is round, we go round the Sun, we live through cycles and DNA is a spiral.  It is all circular energy.

Many pictures of Angels today include a geometric shape, especially the Archangel Metatron. This is a true representation of what an Angel actually is rather than a picture of a human shape with wings.

Angels as Divine Design

There is great beauty in the order of the universe. One has only to look at the pictures of nebulae taken by NASA to see this beauty. And everything in creation follows a pattern. Our created world and universe is not only chaotic and haphazard but has rhythm, patterns and order.

The Archangel Gabriel

Most Angelic names come from their original energy to us through the Christian / Judeo traditions, but for Archangel Gabriel it is not that straightforward. This Angel has played a significant role in many religions and philosophies. In Islam this Angel dictated the Koran to Mohammed, in Jewish legend destroyed Sodom and Gommorah, for Christians gave Mary the baby Jesus (Matthew 1:20; Luke 1:26) and guided Joan of Arc. The name actually comes out of Babylonia during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar its King in 600BC.

On the Tree of life it is through The Archangel Gabriel that all the creative energies flows and is reflected downwards, before being grounded through the Archangel Sandalphon. The Archangel Michael has transmuted all energies that veil the light of the Divine to enable a rebirthing of something new. This process is done through the Archangel Gabriel. But this down pouring of creative energy needs mind, building with it whatever it projects. This is also therefore the level of illusion where everything is a reflection and not the real thing.

This level of consciousness is associated with water, emotions and the astral plane.

The gift of the Archangel Gabriel is discernment allowing us to see emotionally triggered projection and what is a creation from the Divine.

Archangel Gabriel guides ‘souls’ to connect to their physical bodies.

The colour is Rich Royal Violet.
The power name is Shaddi El Chai.
The group expression or Order of Angels is The Cherubim.
The Spiritual quality is the Potential for Creation on the Physical Plane.
The Earthly quality is Independence.
The Stone is All Colours of Quartz.
The animal correspondence is Elephant, Tortoise, Toad.

The gifts of Disease

This is such an important message and in many ways a really difficult one to embrace. It is helpful to take a step back and look at all this indoctrination that has taken place and has determined our relationship to what we call disease. Indeed even the name has become to imply something that is wrong. So it is really helpful to take a step back and consider the process that has created where we are now in terms of our relationship with disease.

We tend to think of it as primitive to let disease take its course. In our arrogance we have thought we could eradicate suffering but there is more disease and suffering on the Earth now than ever before. It is really hard to start to accept that disease has its place. A lot of the suffering we endure is because of our belief system about disease.

If we take a hypothetical example of someone who has cancer this is a possible list of what is causing them pain and suffering.

The physical disease and its symptoms

A sense of failure
A sense of letting down the family
Feelings of regret
Feelings of being a burden
Feelings of helplessness
Feelings of anxiety about the future
Fear of death
Anxiety for the family
Feelings of hopelessness
Feelings of anger
Feelings of guilt

This is the suffering that has been created by our attitude towards disease.

I would like to share you a list of the gifts Kevin’s cancer gave to both of us. I am not saying it was easy, it wasn’t, but it was our process of constantly looking for the positive and the gift in everything that has given me an insight into disease which allowed me to start to understand Djwhal Khul’s message.

The Ascension Process

I have already mentioned in this book the changes in energy which are occurring at the moment. These changes are affecting everybody. I’ve also mentioned that it is only because of these changes that we can connect to the Angelic Kingdom of Light in a new way. There is a lot of information, especially on the Internet, about what is happening at this time. Every indigenous peoples have in their prophecies that something special will happen around the year 2012. It is in the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred book of the Vadas, and referred to in the Bible in the book Revelations in the New Testament. There are also many differing stories and points of view as to what might happen.

The Seven Step Process for Healing Through Death

Step one/completion. The days leading up to someone’s last breath are a time for completion. Do everything you can in a practical way to enable them to do this.  Follow what seems important to them. It may be simply paying a bill or spending time with a relative or friend. If it is important to them then it is a step towards completion. In the days and weeks leading up to the last breath people are often very open to forgive and forget old wounds. Enabling someone to do this is a great service.  It is worthwhile gently encouraging them to do this. Do everything practically possible to enable them to connect with family and friends especially those that they may not have seen for some time and some completion of forgiveness needs to take place. It may be that they want to talk about part of their life, so just being a good listener is all that is needed. Any karma that is not worked out will hang over to the next lifetime.

The Invocation of Angels for Specific Purposes

In the chapter about Angels I talked about the Angelic name being an energy formula and that it is by sounding the name that energy is created around wherever you are. It is important to sound the name in a very particular way. The vowels need to be emphasised and the name sounded with the intention that it fills the space and actually vibrates every molecule and atom of that space. With this intention this really happens and the energy of that space changes as does yours. The sound vibrates in your consciousness around you and tunes it into the special purpose of that Angel. This is how a uniting of our energy and the energy of the Angel occurs. The Angelic consciousness merges with our consciousness imprinting its Divine perfection into our very being. It is our perception of Angels as separate beings with a specific identity that has limited and restricted their potent and transformative power. The idea of an Angel as a being in its own right limits the potential to use this aspect of creation in its most potent form. The projection of Angels as beings with wings, with opinions and agendas, is disempowering and untrue.

Here is a list of Archangels that can use for specific purposes.

Archangel Metatron – supports the creation of any new project.

Archangel Michael – mm-EE-kII-eLL – brings anything to completion ready for the start of a new beginning.

Archangel Sandalphon – supports a new project manifesting.

Archangel Raphiel – raa-f-I-EEll – brings balance to any situation by shining a light on whatever needs to be seen.

Archangel Gabriel- g-aa-brEE-ell –brings re-birth and new beginnings.

In the following list are 72 Angel names and their gifts. These are otherwise known as the 72 names of Metatron. Each group of eight are associated with one of the Sephiroth, or circles, on The Tree of Life starting from the top with a Sephiroth known as Kether(Chapter 5). The last one, Malkuth, associated with the Archangels Sandalphon, does not have a group of Angels. It is the grounding of the creative energy of the divine into 3D manifestation. The required supported energy of any of these Angels can be called in at any time but they also have a specific affinity to a period of five days. These dates are given e.g. 3/26-30, the 3 denoting March, with the numbers 26 to 30 the days. It is particularly powerful and supportive to invoke the angelic energy on these particular days and, as with astrology, the information indicates the energy that accompanies those particular dates. It can also be interesting to link your birthday with a particular angelic energy and see what you personally may be working with.

Each of these 72 Angels holds a specific archetype and by sounding the name we can bring that energy into our consciousness and use it to help us. They are also associated with a period of 5 days. Although it is only part of the picture, you can see which Angelic energy you were born with and I have also listed a couple of famous people who were born with that Angelic energy. These energies can be viewed in the same way as astrological signs in that there is the positive and negative aspect, each one reflecting the lessons learnt and the lessons not learnt. You will see that some of the famous people came to learn a lesson and others used the energy in a positive and fulfilling way.

Although some of these Angels have a particular affinity for healing, we do not call them in specifically by name for an Angelic Reiki healing. The healing Angel that is present for a healing will bring exactly what is needed. Our intervention is not required. It is only the egoic self who identifies with being a healer that can have an opinion and want to influence the healing. In Angelic Reiki the job of the healer is to give everything over to the Angelic Kingdom of Light without prejudice or opinion. Our mantra is that as human personalities there is only one thing we know and that is that we don’t know.

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