Readers’ Comments

“This is more than just a wonderful book which explains and analyzes a lot of spiritual issues. It is actually a necessary “knowledge tool” for all Energy Healers, let alone Angelic Reiki healers: that is why I would like to thank the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light, Kevin and Christine included, from the bottom of my heart, for this gift to the spiritual world”.  T. Greece.

“I got my copy on Kindle, amazing read!! Thanks Christine Core for sharing it with us, it answers so many questions.”

“This beautiful offering from Christine (and Kevin in spirit) is not only informative and uplifting in its own right; it is an excellent resource for anyone learning Angelic Reiki – the incredible complete system of angelic healing and consciousness expansion.” K. Z. England.

“It’s a marvellous book. Thank you very much Christine for the knowledge and the love you gave us with your book.” A. M. Greece.

“A fantastic resource for anyone who has a connection to the Angels. The section on disease, death and dying is a revelation and a treasure to have. It gave me great comfort after my mom went home last year thru cancer. Congratulations Christine xx” C. K. M. Ireland

“A loving tribute to her husband Kevin and his work, the book he was unable to write. Christine Core presents the birth, growth and purpose of Angelic Reiki with beautiful clarity, proving it to be a unique and sacred gift to humanity. This book is packed full of profound spiritual truths and gives the reader uncompromising insights into our journey on the spiritual path. A must read for all those wishing to deepen their connection to the angelic realms.” Claire, Paradigm Shift Magazine, UK

“I just received your book “Angelic Reiki, The Healing for Our Time”. I can’t put it down. There are no words to describe the feelings it brings out…just tears of joy and love. Thank you for writing it and sharing a most important message. Peace be with you….”  N. W. K. USA

“Bellisimo ,bendiciones a usted Christine por su corazon tan grandes.” S. G. C. Mexico.

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