What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki

What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki 

This is probably the most frequently asked question so it felt like a good place to start. It is not possible to give an absolute answer because the teaching of Usui Reiki differs from teacher to teacher and country to country. I can only answer based on my experience of Usui Reiki which would indicate that there are many differences.


  •  In Angelic Reiki the teacher does not do the attunements and the energy does not come through the teacher.
  • The attunements are done by ‘The Angelic Kingdom of Light’ and given to each individual by their own healing Angel. This is not the Angel that has come to them to do healings. It is the Angelic energy that creates the link for that person as a healer, to the Angelic Kingdom.
  • When an attunement comes through a human consciousness, it is touched by that consciousness, but when it comes directly as a gift from the Angels it is give its pure state.
  • There is no lineage.(Just the Angels)
  • The symbols are integrated through sacred geometry.

Other activations and attunements 

  • One of the key differences is that Angelic Reiki includes a specific attunement to the wisdom and Divine gifts of The Angelic Kingdom of Light. This is given by the 30 Archangels known as the ‘Mighty Sarim’ which includes all those with which we are familiar and many others. This is done through a meditation that takes the participant to the Temple of the Angelic Hierarchy of Light.
  • A Meditation to connect the participants to their ‘Feeling Body’ or greater consciousness. This opens up a greater awareness of out mult-dimensional self.
  • An attunement connecting us to the gifts, qualities and essence of the 10 Archangels of the Tree of Life. This is facilitated through a powerful meditation which activates and connects us to the energies through colour.
  • In Angelic Reiki an attunement is given to the Angelic aspect of the 13 Rays of Creation.
  • A link is created to the healing qualities of the crystals of Atlantis so that these gifts may be used.
  • In Angelic Reiki the participants are connected to their own Galactic healing team in order to fulfill their role as a fully fledged Galactic healer.
  • Four Ascension blessings and activations by Lord Melchizedek are given.


  • Angelic Reiki uses the Atlantean master symbol.
  • At the Masters level the recipient are attuned to the gifts of 12 symbols.
  • The symbols are activated to their Angelic Level.
  • In the second attunement the symbols are activated to Galactic level by Lord Melchizedek.
  • In the fourth and master attunement the symbols are activated to their Universal level by the Lord Melchizedek.
  • As part of the Archangelic initiation, the symbols are activated to their subatomic, molecular, genetic, mathematical, musical, and the physical, and super luminary aspects.
  • The symbols are integrated at all seven levels of form and Divine form.


  • Three different cleanses, each done by the Angelic Kingdom, are part of an Angelic Reiki workshop.
  • All attunements are preceded by a cleansing.
  • Karma cutting by the Archangel Michael.
  • Soul re-connection. 


  • The system includes 9 different healing methods, all directed by the Angels.
  • Angels do all healings and the job of the healer is simply to hold the space. Perhaps the most difficult part of an Angelic Reiki healing is for the healer to maintain a totally passive role.
  • The healer has nothing to do except follow the instructions of the over-lighting Angel (s) which has presented itself specifically for that recipient.
  • The healer does not chant, draw, visualise or intend the presence of any symbols or energies.
  • In Angelic Reiki the Angelic Kingdom of Light are totally responsible for the healing process without input (interference) by the healer. The healer just holds the space.
  • Angelic Reiki totally honours the saying ‘Not My Will but I Will’.
  • There is only one hand position and this simply connects the recipient to the unconditional Love of their Higher/Soul self.
  • The links and energies for the healing are totally up to the Angels. 

Information / Ancient Wisdom 

  • The philosophy and teaching of Angelic Reiki is based in what we have termed “The Ancient Wisdom”, rather than new-age spirituality. This includes all time honoured spiritual practices such as protection, cleansing and dedicating a space, and many other aspects of spiritual practice. (More information is available in the book).
  • The concept of ‘An Angel’ as embraced in Angelic Reiki, is also based on ancient wisdom. This dates back to before the burning of the manuscripts in the library of Alexandria, Egypt, and in Nicaea, (modern-day Turkey) by the Romans and Roman Church.
  • Included in the workshops is information on death and dying, the nature cause of disease, the healing process, Ascension symptoms and much more.


  • The workshops are very practical and experiential. The group energy is very important in facilitating the group experience.
  • It is not possible to do distance attunements for Angelic Reiki and the energy in one-on-one attunements is not experience to its full potential.
Love and Peace Always


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