More Clues to Self-Love

When we look at some of the basic paradigms of Western culture and society there are many fundamental attitudes and practices that create a lack of self-love, replacing it with ideas of ‘not as good as’, ‘could do better’, and ‘there is room for improvement’.

It is really funny, I am simply writing what Spirit is showing to me, but I may as well be reading my school reports. What was the message you got from school? Those were the most delicate and formative times of our life and we were being deeply inculcated with the belief that we were not good enough. This was being done by people who believed that it was their job to improve us because they themselves felt that they needed improvement. And so the lie was perpetuated.

There is room here for a big social debate, but this is not the time or place. I will reflect though that the English education system is very hierarchical and it is interesting to note that the children in privileged schools are injected at a very early age with a massive dose of success belief structures. I wonder why they are successful.

As a child I experienced more than my fair share of messages which told me that I was not good enough. Now as an adult, and having had many many years of unravelling and seeing its untruths, I am still amazed at how deeply and insidiously the programs run. Growing up with dyslexia, before it was recognised or understood, I acquired more red marks on my school books than you can imagine. I was though, very good at sport so competitiveness and winning became very important. Being competitive is just a more in your face form of making comparisons. It is very revealing to notice how powerfully the habit of making comparisons impacts on our way of thinking, and it is so much part of everyday life.

If you would like to do a daily practice which will open up more self-love, notice when and how you compare yourself to others.  I am sure it will be very helpful. Look out for the subtle ways in which you do this.

The act of being critical or comparing ourselves to others, is proof of a deep belief that we are not as we should be. We should therefore assume that the Divine creator has made some kind of mistake. The Divine has not; it is simply that we have been trained so well to believe in our imperfection.



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