Forgiveness. Self-forgiveness allows self-love to flow. Self-love allows love of life to flow.

The next step in self-love is self-forgiveness. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, I can promise you that you have always done the best you could at the time and it wasn’t your fault. But this is not an invitation for complacency and excuses, just self-knowledge.

If you were only to know how amazingly well you have done considering the bombardment of negative conditioning that you have received. If you were someone else, I’m sure you would forgive them.

We also need to realise that we have forgotten so much. The process of being born is actually a process of dying to the knowledge of who we are beyond this physical realm. It is a strange thought that perhaps we have got it the wrong way round. Perhaps we should feel great compassion towards a newborn baby and great joy when someone dies.

Self-forgiveness is the most healing thing you can ever do. It also gives us the strength and ability to forgive others. When you were little, you were probably discouraged from talking to yourself, but I would like to really encourage you to do just that. Create a time when you will not be interrupted and sit facing an empty chair or cushion. Either visualise that you are sat facing yourself, or place something on the chair that represents you. Begin to talk but don’t forget to give yourself time to reply. Really speak your truth, there is no one listening but you.

I promise you that this simple process can have profound and far-reaching results.

Remember love is the answer but we cannot give from an empty vessel.

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