Disease: A Change of Perspective?

This is the first of what I feel will be many challenges/invitations to view disease differently.


It is Mid Summers Day and the date is interestingly symmetrical    21 / 6 /12.

There is a lot of interesting information that has come to the surface since the book was completed in the Spring of 2010. I am really excited to have this opportunity to share this information with as an understanding of the topic in the book deepens.

In a way perhaps another book will unfold day by day as I report what is given to me.

I feel that the pattern will be for the information in the daily blog will be given to me each morning. It is always a wonderful time as that window between waking and engaging in the practicalities of the day opens and brings new insights; remonstrant of the ‘balcony moments’ in the book.

It looks as if spirit wants us to start by looking more closely at our attitude and relationship with disease. I feel that each piece of information will potentially be a trigger in everyone who reads this, bringing a deeper understanding of their own personal attitude and relationship to disease.

To get to the truth of what we really believe is not always straight forwards because there is often a contradiction between a conscious thought or idea and the subconscious program. From birth we are deeply program by our society in many different ways.

Being aware of our attitude towards disease is of paramount importance if we want to heal and be healthy. I mentioned in the book that many of our attitudes towards disease are in total opposition to spiritual paradigms that we deem to be true. I believe that starting to unravel these contradictions will bring greater health and happiness.

A good place to start looking for clues to our subconscious programming is through the language that we, often unwittingly, use. Not only does language act as a powerful affirmation but it also reveals a belief systems. If you would like to deepen your own personal awareness of your sub-conscious beliefs about disease I recommend that you start to make your own personal list of the words that you use around illness and disease.

These are snippets of an imaginary conversation. Have you ever said anything like this?

“I will have to go to the doctor/ healer because there is something wrong with my………………

“I wish I didn’t have a problem with my……………….

“I have failed the  ….…. test

“I need to go for some medical investigations.

“I am suffering from….

“I am handicapped by…..

Then there are the ‘I AM’ affirmations. I am, is probably the most powerful affirmation there is because it is declaring who you are. We usual mean to just describe what the ‘I’ is experiencing not create an identity, but that is not what we are saying/creating. It is an interesting question, though, to ask how often we (the collective human WE) do create a disease as an identity.

“I am arthritic

“I am asthmatic

“I am lame

“I am blind

“I am sad

“I am depressed 

If you hear yourself saying or think any think like this I suggest you shout out “No I AM NOT. I AM ……….. and arthritis (etc) is being experienced.

And there are the medical terms:

Irritable, aggressive, impaired, deficient, acute, chronic, disordered, malignant, syndrome, casualty, shock, clinic, failure, degeneration, infestation, loss, etc. 

I am not necessarily saying that these are not accurate descriptions but just to notice how negative an energy is crated.

Love and Peace Always




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