Beliefs about Disease – quote from the book.

Below is a list of beliefs and ideas about disease. I think they are all quite common. It is really interesting to notice how many include self reproach and/or blame to ones self or others.

“This is not a list of correct or false beliefs about disease. It is simply a list of beliefs that I have come across. You could perhaps add some you know.

I inherited this disease from my parents or grandparents.

This disease has come from nowhere.

I am ill because of stress.

I don’t deserve to be ill.

I am ill because I didn’t look after myself properly.

It is an accident that I am unwell.

It is someone else’s fault that I am ill.

My disease is punishment.

My disease is clearing.

I am ill because of my poor diet.

I am ill because I failed in some way.

I am ill because of the environment and pollution.

I am ill because of suppressed emotions.

My disease comes from trauma in my childhood.

God is punishing me.

I became ill because of the shock of a physical accident.

A child may think that their parent’s illness is their fault in some way.

My body is trying to tell me something.

I catch diseases easily because my immune system is not very strong.

I am ill because of an infection virus that I picked up.

It is because of my age.

It is Divine retribution.

It is because it is my time to die.

I am unwell because of the weather or time of year.

It is because my Mother took drugs during the pregnancy.

I am unwell because of side-effects of medication.

I don’t know why I am ill.

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