Are You Willing?

Are you willing to be free?

Are you willing to stop the self-torture?

Are you willing to let yourself off the hook?

This is counter to our human animal conditioning, and yet it is exactly what is called for at this time.

Are you willing for something bigger, something unknown?

This is a message that has just been put out by the lovely teacher Gangaji. I think we are on the same page!!!

REALLY this is the ONLY question. WHAT is YOUR answer?


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Conspiracy Theories etc.

This is a departure from our theme but I thought it was right to share this channelling that I was given this morning.

Have you like me been trying to educate yourself with all the various theories about the true history of man, alien interference with the human race, the illuminati, financial conspiracy and so on? It is all interesting (to say the least!) but this morning I was given this message which I would like to share with you.

This is a message from a higher truth; a place that is you, and in that place it is me, in that place of unity. I am bringing you this message; you are bringing you this message; you are bringing me this message.

As the energy builds in of the Earth year 2012 there is a kaleidoscope of information that is being disseminated. Technology has brought the possibility of massive amounts of information being easily accessible to anyone who searches it out. Have you noticed that if you listen to this information carefully, everyone can prove themselves right, but there are nearly as many interpretations as there are people interpreting?

It is exactly the same model of human thinking that has been behind much of scientific research. Principles reflected in the ideas like ‘close investigation’; ‘attention to detail’; in other words, the human practice of being drawn into looking closely at something and losing the bigger picture.

This is causing so many people a whole range of emotional responses; anticipation, fear, hope (which is unfounded is a very stressful state), uncertainty, confusion, complacency, depression and so on.

This message is not about confirming or denying any of the conspiracy theories. It is simply to remind you of the bigger picture.

There is a basic truth that seems to be very easily forgotten. If something is true, then it is true. No one is nearly pregnant and no tree is only partially a tree. The supreme Divine creative principle was not an insurance company that wrote into the agreement a whole list of exception clauses e.g. from the point of view or sacred geometry, round is round and square is square; and if it isn’t then it isn’t.

From this knowledge let us remind ourselves of some basic truths. The principals and teachings of the Ying and Yang symbol is probably the profoundest and most helpful concept to embrace at this time.

The second truth is that you are not your body and when the body dies you are liberated. You are not your mind and when you stop thinking there is freedom. You are not your emotions and when they are still you can see.

Everything that is happening and indeed everything that has ever happened is simply the invitation to remember who you are. It has never changed.

In love, from love, only love,

You and Me.


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Forgiveness. Self-forgiveness allows self-love to flow. Self-love allows love of life to flow.

The next step in self-love is self-forgiveness. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, I can promise you that you have always done the best you could at the time and it wasn’t your fault. But this is not an invitation for complacency and excuses, just self-knowledge.

If you were only to know how amazingly well you have done considering the bombardment of negative conditioning that you have received. If you were someone else, I’m sure you would forgive them.

We also need to realise that we have forgotten so much. The process of being born is actually a process of dying to the knowledge of who we are beyond this physical realm. It is a strange thought that perhaps we have got it the wrong way round. Perhaps we should feel great compassion towards a newborn baby and great joy when someone dies.

Self-forgiveness is the most healing thing you can ever do. It also gives us the strength and ability to forgive others. When you were little, you were probably discouraged from talking to yourself, but I would like to really encourage you to do just that. Create a time when you will not be interrupted and sit facing an empty chair or cushion. Either visualise that you are sat facing yourself, or place something on the chair that represents you. Begin to talk but don’t forget to give yourself time to reply. Really speak your truth, there is no one listening but you.

I promise you that this simple process can have profound and far-reaching results.

Remember love is the answer but we cannot give from an empty vessel.

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Where did the Love Go? A look at how we quench our own Self-Love.

I am guessing that as you have been taught so well and so completely that there is room for self-improvement, you will find it hard to believe me when I say that you are perfect and totally loveable exactly as you are. You might even feel a little bit angry with me for making the statement and, of course, be able to find many reasons why I can’t be right.

Now isn’t that interesting in its self!

We have been taught so well that striving to improve is important, even the purpose of living, but in order to do this we are constantly looking for failure in our self. We have to do this in order to identify the places that need improving.

How can you possibly love something that is so faulty, so in need of improvement? Well the answer is that you can’t. If we are constantly finding fault with ourselves, we cannot fall in love and be in harmony with who we are.

Does this bring up real sadness in your heart? It does in mine.

Do you know what the first words were that you ever heard? Even if you didn’t understand them, you felt the energy and the implication that you were being compared to someone else, assessed, quantified, measured. What you heard may have gone like this:

“My first pregnancy was easier than this one”;

“Mary is sitting up before Johnny”;

“Jack is crawling before Sophie”; or

“Emma was out of nappies before Sean”.

This constant mantra of comparison instils in our minds the concept that everything only is what it is when it is compared to something else. It subtly gives the message that the only way to define, evaluate and assess oneself, is through comparison. Through these eyes nothing is valued for itself and it is hard, nigh impossible, to find something that is perfect.

This way of thinking can be switched round in a moment, in an instant, but it can also take some time. There is a lot to unravel and a 180° switch in perception to be embraced. And the process deserves, in fact necessitates, a great deal of self-love and compassion.

Seeing this pattern of constant comparison and assessment of ourselves is the first massive step forward to self-love. But this is a really tricky path. When you see something you criticise in yourself, don’t judge yourself for criticising! This is simply running around the same hamster wheel. Love yourself for having done this because you know you were doing your best and that deserves love.

Seeing the pattern is 80% of the journey and the rest is about watching and observing the programs, lovingly deleting and writing new scripts.


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Full Moon Meditation for 3/07/12 illustrating the practical use of the 72 Angel Names of the Tree of Life as shown in the last chapter of the book.

The clear night skies here in Egypt keep me very aware of the moon phases. Sirius is also high and bright. Tomorrow is the full moon and as the astrological information below shows the moon will bring its influence to bear on the dominant energy of the moment which are the square between Pluto and Uranus.

The energies of questioning the ‘ultimate realities of existence‘ and ‘the interplay of life and death processes‘, can bring feelings of uncertainty, disillusionment and doubt as we personally experience a dropping away of a sense of knowing what is true. It may also feel very difficult to get a sense of the future. On a very personal level all paradigms are breaking down. It is so easy to see the process on the vaster scale but when it is close to home and we realise that what we thought was true, we are not sure of anymore, and where our path was leading seems to drop away into a mist of uncertainty, a powerful invitation arises to simply rest in the now moment.

You may like to do this Full Moon Celebration.

Prepare your space.

Invoke the energies of the directions: –

Face East

 “Through the Archangel Raphael I call in the energy of the East: I invoke the element of air and honour the Devic Lord of Air Paralda.”
(The colour is yellow, so you could visualise the yellow light of dawn across a landscape of yellow hills, cornfields and blossoms. Hear the sound of wind and feel it on your skin.)

Turn 90° and face South

Through the Archangel Michael I call in the energy of the South: I invoke the element fire and honour the Devic Lord of Fire Djin.
(The colour is orange. You could visualise a distant volcano, burning forest grass. Feel the heat and smell the smoke.)

Turn 90° and face West

Through the Archangel Gabriel I call in the energy of the West: I invoke the element water and honour the Devic Lord of Water Nixa.”
(The colour is deep midnight purple. You could visualise the full moon shining on the vast ocean; falling rain from a passing cloud. Feel, hear and smell water.)

 Turn 90° to face North

Through the Archangel Uriel I call in the energies of the North: I invoke the element of earth and honour the Devic Lord of Earth Gobe.
(The colours are citrine, olive, russet and black. You could visualise rocks and mountains, Earth and fields, trees flowers on animals. Hear the sounds smell the smells.)

Stand/sit in the middle and be aware of the energy above and below you.
Become very aware of the breath naturally coming in and out of the body. Continue doing this for as long as you wish, allowing everything to drop away and finding yourself in the now moment.

Call these Angel names 3 times each, to invoke their gifts. (All information is in the book)

3. Sitael – (SIT-AH-EL). Through the principles that constructed the universe this Angel supports us in building anything that is based on truth and Love. It also helps us to recognise anything that is not built on truth.

9. Aziel – (AA-ze-EL). The Angel of forgiveness.  This Angel brings a spontaneous feeling of Love and forgiveness for oneself and others. Forgiveness is always the herald of new beginnings. It also helps us to keep promises and renew friendship with sincerity and faith.

24. Hahuiah – ((ha-HOO-ee-YAH). This is the Angel of protection through truth. How often do we wrongly accuse ourselves of failure in some way and forget the truth that we had done our best at the time? The Angel Hahuiah also allows the truth to come to the surface when someone has been wrongly accused. It is a powerful support in the freeing of dissidents and exiles.

25. Nith-Haiah – (NIT-ha-YAH). This is the Angel of spiritual wisdom and spiritual magic. It helps us to understand and appreciate the cycles of creation and its mysteries.

33. Yehuiah – (Yyay-HOO-see-YAH). This is the Angel of subordination to higher orders. If feelings of betrayal arise then the answer lies within ourselves and we need to ask in what way we had betrayed our own higher self’s or Soul’s guidance. This is the Angel that brings the energy of “Not My Will but Thy Will”.

40. Yeiazel – (YAY-ah-ZEL). This Angel brings healing balm when we are going through difficult times. It is the Angel of Divine consolation and comfort.

50. Daniel – (DA-nee-EL). This is the Angel of eloquence connecting our thoughts and words to the clarity and honesty of Divine intervention. Invoking this energy will support spiritual teachers and anyone wishing to communicate spiritual ideas.

58. Yeialel – (YAY-a-LEL). When we use the power of the mind to observe our responses to situations, we can become a Master of our emotions. This Angel supports the mental discipline in order to do this.

69. Rochel – (ro-SHEEL). If we have latent talents and abilities, some of which may have been learnt in a past life, this Angel supports in calling these forwards so that we can use them again. It also helps us to find anything that we think we may have lost.

Sit still and silently and breathe in to your centre and your heart the gifts of these Angels.

You might like to make the following affirmations or some of your own: –

I let go of the past

I surrender to a future unknown

I let go of anticipation and hope

I am one with the cosmic mind

I know all I need to know

I experience all that I need to experience

I let go of needing to understand the process

Sit for as long as you wish.

Close down the space by thanking the Angels and the directions. (Though anticlockwise round the directions starting with North.)


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More Clues to Self-Love

When we look at some of the basic paradigms of Western culture and society there are many fundamental attitudes and practices that create a lack of self-love, replacing it with ideas of ‘not as good as’, ‘could do better’, and ‘there is room for improvement’.

It is really funny, I am simply writing what Spirit is showing to me, but I may as well be reading my school reports. What was the message you got from school? Those were the most delicate and formative times of our life and we were being deeply inculcated with the belief that we were not good enough. This was being done by people who believed that it was their job to improve us because they themselves felt that they needed improvement. And so the lie was perpetuated.

There is room here for a big social debate, but this is not the time or place. I will reflect though that the English education system is very hierarchical and it is interesting to note that the children in privileged schools are injected at a very early age with a massive dose of success belief structures. I wonder why they are successful.

As a child I experienced more than my fair share of messages which told me that I was not good enough. Now as an adult, and having had many many years of unravelling and seeing its untruths, I am still amazed at how deeply and insidiously the programs run. Growing up with dyslexia, before it was recognised or understood, I acquired more red marks on my school books than you can imagine. I was though, very good at sport so competitiveness and winning became very important. Being competitive is just a more in your face form of making comparisons. It is very revealing to notice how powerfully the habit of making comparisons impacts on our way of thinking, and it is so much part of everyday life.

If you would like to do a daily practice which will open up more self-love, notice when and how you compare yourself to others.  I am sure it will be very helpful. Look out for the subtle ways in which you do this.

The act of being critical or comparing ourselves to others, is proof of a deep belief that we are not as we should be. We should therefore assume that the Divine creator has made some kind of mistake. The Divine has not; it is simply that we have been trained so well to believe in our imperfection.



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Beliefs About Disease – quote from the book

Below is a list of beliefs and ideas about disease. I think they are all quite common. It is really interesting to notice how many include self-reproach and/or blame to one’s self or others.

This is not a list of correct or false beliefs about disease. It is simply a list of beliefs that I have come across. You could perhaps add some you know.

I inherited this disease from my parents or grandparents.

This disease has come from nowhere.

I am ill because of stress.

I don’t deserve to be ill.

I am ill because I didn’t look after myself properly.

It is an accident that I am unwell.

It is someone else’s fault that I am ill.

My disease is punishment.

My disease is clearing.

I am ill because of my poor diet.

I am ill because I failed in some way.

I am ill because of the environment and pollution.

I am ill because of suppressed emotions.

My disease comes from trauma in my childhood.

God is punishing me.

I became ill because of the shock of a physical accident.

A child may think that their parent’s illness is their fault in some way.

My body is trying to tell me something.

I catch diseases easily because my immune system is not very strong.

I am ill because of an infection virus that I picked up.

It is because of my age.

It is Divine retribution.

It is because it is my time to die.

I am unwell because of the weather or time of year.

It is because my Mother took drugs during the pregnancy.

I am unwell because of side-effects of medication.

I don’t know why I am ill.

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Self-Love Is the Key

I think that there is an interesting parallel between our attitude to ourselves when we are experiencing disease and the overall level of self-love we experience and express. One is a barometer of the other. So,by becoming aware of our personal response to when we are not perfect, i.e. sick in some way, we can really start to understand and get in touch with our level of self-love.

To truly know self-love and compassion is the only goal and all paths lead here. Returning home; the knowing of the divine self; soul consciousness; the higher self; Nirvana; Ascension and so on are different ways of describing self-love. If the divine, God, the great Creator, whatever term we want to use, is ultimately love then understanding self-love is embracing and becoming one and becoming one with all of creation.

One of the things that we will be exploring in these blogs is the gifts of disease. All of creation is in balance, Yin and Yang, dark and light, negative and positive. Duality is only when we see these as separate energies and do not understand that the one depends totally on the other for its existence.

We are very well trained in seeing the negative side of disease but to truly heal, balance needs to be found by exploring the possibilities, and therefore exploring true nature of disease by searching out the gifts.

Our constant mantra when Kevin was suffering (and I use that word consciously) with the cancer was “What is the gift”.

So perhaps today we can list the first two gift of being unwell. It is the possibility to see clearly how we can love ourselves more and how we can find more balance.  This gift is not to be underestimated.

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Disease: A Change of Perspective?

This is the first of what I feel will be many challenges/invitations to view disease differently.

It is Mid Summers Day and the date is interestingly symmetrical    21 / 6 /12.

There is a lot of interesting information that has come to the surface since the book was completed in the Spring of 2010. I am really excited to have this opportunity to share this information with you as an understanding of the topic in the book deepens.

In a way, perhaps another book will unfold day by day, as I report what is given to me.

I feel that the pattern will be, as for the information in the daily blog, given to me each morning. It is always a wonderful time as that window between waking and engaging in the practicalities of the day opens and brings new insights; remonstrant of the ‘balcony moments’ in the book.

It looks as if Spirit wants us to start by looking more closely at our attitude and relationship with disease. I feel that each piece of information will potentially be a trigger in everyone who reads this, bringing a deeper understanding of their own personal attitude and relationship to disease.

To get to the truth of what we really believe is not always straight forward because there is often a contradiction between a conscious thought or idea and the subconscious program. From birth we are deeply programmed by our society in many different ways.

Being aware of our attitude towards disease is of paramount importance if we want to heal and be healthy. I mentioned in the book that many of our attitudes towards disease are in total opposition to spiritual paradigms that we deem to be true. I believe that starting to unravel these contradictions will bring greater health and happiness.

A good place to start looking for clues to our subconscious programming is through the language that we, often unwittingly, use. Not only does language act as a powerful affirmation but it also reveals a belief system. If you would like to deepen your own personal awareness of your sub-conscious beliefs about disease, I recommend that you start to make your own personal list of the words that you use around illness and disease.

These are snippets of imaginary conversations. Have you ever said anything like this?

I will have to go to the doctor/ healer because there is something wrong with my…

I wish I didn’t have a problem with my…

I have failed the … test

I need to go for some medical investigations

I am suffering from…

I am handicapped by…

Then there are the ‘I AM’ affirmations. I am, is probably the most powerful affirmation there is because it is declaring who you are. We usual mean to just describe what the ‘I’ is experiencing not create an identity, but that is not what we are saying/creating. It is an interesting question, though, to ask how often we (the collective human WE) do create a disease as an identity.

I am arthritic

I am asthmatic

I am lame

I am blind

I am sad

I am depressed 

If you hear yourself saying or thinking like this, I suggest you shout out “No, I AM NOT… ,  I AM ….. and arthritis (etc) is being experienced.

And there are the medical terms:

Irritable, aggressive, impaired, deficient, acute, chronic, disordered, malignant, syndrome, casualty, shock, clinic, failure, degeneration, infestation, loss, etc. 

I am not necessarily saying that these are not accurate descriptions, but just to notice how negative an energy is created.

Love and Peace Always




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What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki?

What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki?
This is probably the most frequently asked question so it felt like a good place to start. It is not possible to give an absolute answer because the teaching of Usui Reiki differs from teacher to teacher and country to country. I can only answer based on my experience of Usui Reiki which would indicate that there are many differences.


  • In Angelic Reiki the teacher does not do the attunements and the energy does not come through the teacher
  • The attunements are done by ‘The Angelic Kingdom of Light’ and given to each individual by their own healing Angel. This is not the Angel that has come to them to do healings. It is the Angelic energy that creates the link for that person as a healer, to the Angelic Kingdom
  • When an attunement comes through a human consciousness, it is touched by that consciousness, but when it comes directly as a gift from the Angels it is give its pure state.
  • There is no lineage (just the Angels)
  • The symbols are integrated through sacred geometry

Other Activations and Attunements

  • One of the key differences is that Angelic Reiki includes a specific attunement to the wisdom and Divine gifts of The Angelic Kingdom of Light. This is given by the 30 Archangels known as the ‘Mighty Sarim’ which includes all those with which we are familiar and many others. This is done through a meditation that takes the participant to the Temple of the Angelic Hierarchy of Light
  • A Meditation to connect the participants to their ‘Feeling Body’ or greater consciousness. This opens up a greater awareness of out multi-dimensional self
  • An attunement connecting us to the gifts, qualities and essence of the 10 Archangels of the Tree of Life. This is facilitated through a powerful meditation which activates and connects us to the energies through colour.
  • In Angelic Reiki an attunement is given to the Angelic aspect of the 13 Rays of Creation
  • A link is created to the healing qualities of the crystals of Atlantis so that these gifts may be used
  • In Angelic Reiki the participants are connected to their own Galactic healing team in order to fulfil their role as a fully-fledged Galactic healer
  • Four Ascension blessings and activations by Lord Melchizedek are given


  • Angelic Reiki uses the Atlantean master symbol
  • At the Masters level the recipient is attuned to the gifts of 12 symbols
  • The symbols are activated to their Angelic Level
  • In the second attunement the symbols are activated to Galactic level by Lord Melchizedek
  • In the fourth and master attunement the symbols are activated to their Universal level by the Lord Melchizedek
  • As part of the Archangelic initiation, the symbols are activated to their subatomic, molecular, genetic, mathematical, musical, and the physical, and super luminary aspects
  • The symbols are integrated at all seven levels of form and Divine form


  • Three different cleanses, each done by the Angelic Kingdom, are part of an Angelic Reiki workshop
  • All attunements are preceded by a cleansing
  • Karma cutting by the Archangel Michael
  • Soul re-connection


  • The system includes 9 different healing methods, all directed by the Angels
  • Angels do all healings and the job of the healer is simply to hold the space. Perhaps the most difficult part of an Angelic Reiki healing is for the healer to maintain a totally passive role
  • The healer has nothing to do except follow the instructions of the over-lighting Angel(s) which has presented itself specifically for that recipient
  • The healer does not chant, draw, visualise or intend the presence of any symbols or energies
  • In Angelic Reiki the Angelic Kingdom of Light are totally responsible for the healing process without input (interference) by the healer. The healer just holds the space
  • Angelic Reiki totally honours the saying ‘Not My Will but I Will’
  • There is only one hand position and this simply connects the recipient to the unconditional Love of their Higher/Soul-self
  • The links and energies for the healing are totally up to the Angels

Information/Ancient Wisdom

  • The philosophy and teaching of Angelic Reiki is based in what we have termed “The Ancient Wisdom”, rather than new-age spirituality. This includes all time-honoured spiritual practices such as protection, cleansing and dedicating a space, and many other aspects of spiritual practice. (More information is available in the book)
  • The concept of ‘An Angel’, as embraced in Angelic Reiki, is also based on ancient wisdom. This dates back to before the burning of the manuscripts in the library of Alexandria, Egypt, and in Nicaea, (modern-day Turkey) by the Romans and Roman Church
  • Included in the workshops is information on death and dying, the nature cause of disease, the healing process, Ascension symptoms and much more


  • The workshops are very practical and experiential. The group energy is very important in facilitating the group experience
  • It is not possible to do distance attunements for Angelic Reiki and the energy in one-on-one attunements is not experience to its full potential
Love and Peace Always



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